About MadTrucker.com

MadTrucker was created in 2001 by an OTR trucker known as JerseyBull the MadTrucker. The publication which featured news, forums, chat and photo galleries quickly became highly popular with truckers and others interested in the trucking industry, and up until Jersey retired, MadTrucker.com served as an online environment where readers enjoyed a worldwide community of fellowship.

JerseyBull and his lovely wife Jypsy Breeze were "coast to coast" heavy haulers so their 379 Pete was also the main headquarters for MadTrucker.com. They took a lot of pictures & met a lot of drivers as they crisscrossed the country before retiring in 2007.

"When you are not out there mixing and mingling with the drivers it's just not same" said Jersey "So after retirement I took the site down and forwarded the domain to a Facebook page in order to keep the MadTrucker name alive."

Now, he's agreed to allow a creative web designer in California to bring MadTrucker back with an all new look. The news concept is similar to the original MadTrucker but all the headlines are from many different publications, some from trucking magazines & others from regular newspapers.

Whether you're a trucker or one of the millions of regular folks that depend on their unique services that allows you to live the life you love each and every day, you're sure to enjoy the diversity of the new MadTrucker.com.

Thanks for stopping by! You're always welcome at MadTrucker anytime 24/7....

Remember: "If you got it - A trucker brought it!"